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Provo Rock Foursome, The Terks hope to build Utah as next big scene.

By Sarah Kramer

Utah may have a reputation among some for being a musical backwater, but our small fish have been making big splashes nationally of late. The Neon Trees got Glee-d, and Fictionist is competing for the chance to be the first unsigned band to grace a Rolling Stone cover. And there’s one fish that had to swim far beyond Utah’s borders to find the nourishing attention that keeps bands afloat: Provo’s The Terks, led by native Idahoan Adam Reader. 

“Utah’s a tough market,” Reader admits. “Nationally, we’re getting a lot of attention.” And so they are: The Terks garnered critical praise for their debut EP from Jim DeRogatis, a former editor of Rolling Stone. But the real coup came at February’s eWorld Music Awards in California, where fans and judges crowned The Terks “Best Band.”

Since then, things have been looking up. They’ve booked gigs at Los Angeles hotspots like the Viper Room and House of Blues, Reader said. A national radio campaign is in the works. Recently, the Doobie Brothers contacted Reader through Twitter to give him and his four bandmates kudos.

The Terks Invade Hollywood

 Adam Reader is excited, and has every right to be. His band, The Terks, recently won the 2010 eWorld Music Awards in Hollywood, California, an international competition half determined by fans and half by a judging panel made up of music producers. According to their website, the awards “showcase up-and-coming, unsigned musical talent.” If this is true, The Terks certainly are coming up, and fast.

Bands submitting to eWorld Music Awards must not be signed to a major label and must perform original material. Contestants from around the world are encouraged to apply online, which Reader said drew over 2,000 submissions last year. These submissions are then narrowed down to six bands in each of the categories of best male vocalist, best female vocalist and best band (the Terks fall under the latter category). These six then compete for the love of the fans through eWorld’s software, Boomerang Media Station.

“I knew it would be a process,” says Reader, since fans have to download Boomerang in order to vote. Not only this, but the other bands all hailed from big cities and had the backing of their fans and labels (independent, keeping with the rules of the contest) to rely on. Knowing his competitors wouldn’t be concerned about his “little band from Utah,” Reader called on media in Utah, Wyoming and his native Idaho to help promote and support them. In the end, his determination and media-savvy paid off: The Terks were selected as one of the three bands invited to SIR studios in Hollywood to perform for the judging panel.

Terks Up For eWorld Music Award

As long as you're in a voting mood, what with the CWMAs hitting this weekend and all, check out another SLC band who could use your support.

Pop-rockers The Terks are nominated for something called the eWorld Music Awards, having been chosen by a panel of judges from "thousands of submissions" to be one of the six finalists vying for "best band."   

Salt Lake City Crew

Salt Lake City crew The Terks scored a coup via some hype on Chicago Public Radio by Jim DeRogatis, former music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and noted Ryan Adams foil. He was enamored with the band’s We Will Rise Above It album, thanks to its jangly guitar sound reminiscent of Byrds-lovers like R.E.M. and Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers. That should serve them well as The Terks continue to evolve as songsmiths and performers, as will the increased number of live shows they’re playing.

Salt Lake City band offers Terk-ish Delight

By Autumn Thatcher 

For The Salt Lake Tribune 

Published: January 31, 2011 12:56PM 

If you love “true” rock ’n’ roll — think Elvis and the Beatles — then you’ll want to hear The Terks. They have an EP and two upcoming shows. The Salt Lake band includes Adam Reader (lead vocals), Patrick Coffin (rhythm guitar and 12-string guitar), Eric “Yetti” Hughes (lead guitar), Christian Williams (bass) and Stu Eastman (drums).

What makes the band unique? 

We are dedicated to carrying the torch of true rock ’n’ roll; the one invented by Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Beatles, the Byrds, Beach Boys, and Bob Dylan and later brought forward by The Who, Jimmie Hendrix, Eric Clapton.  Rock has been dying since the early ’90s. Our goal is to do our part to help revive that sound, so that rock ’n’ roll isn’t a bedtime story we tell our kids. They only know pop music as it is portrayed on “American Idol,” “Glee,” CMT or the Disney Channel. We believe in creating music that is guitar driven, melodic, optimistic and passionate. 

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